Meet Sara Diamond

Sara Maxine Diamond (born January 5, 1995) from Montreal, Quebec, Canada has been singing and performing since age five. She has also opened for singers Roberta Flack and Bonnie Tyler at Montreal's Bell Centre. She also acts, models and plays piano. Her symbol in the Clique Girlz was a heart, because she loves to care for people, and her color was red. She has recorded songs such as "Me and My girls" and "Hey! Hey!." Her debut album entitled 'Sara Diamond' was released in 2008 on the KIDZUP label. Now, her album is on iTunes and has the release date of February 18, 2009.

Clique Girlz
On January 24, 2009, Tommy2.Net reported that Ariel Moore had left the group. Then on January 31, auditions were held at Center Staging in Burbank, CA to find a new member. On that same day, Ariel Moore posted a video on YouTube announcing that she had left the group for personal reasons. In late February, pictures from a photo shoot for Baby Bottle Pop surfaced featuring the new member, Sara Diamond. On February 27, they confirmed on their website that Sara joined the group and did their first ever interview with Tommy2.Net. Sara left the group in late April.

After Clique Girlz
In 2013, Sara started singing for the Montreal Canadians, performing the American and Canadian National Anthems during the 2013 season, then going on to sing the American National Anthem during the 2014 and 2015 NHL Playoffs alongside Ginette Reno.