Meet NMD/The Dolls


About a year after Ariel Moore left the Clique Girlz, she teamed up with Howie Dorough and CJ Huyer to form a new group. After Auditions, Ariel formed the multi - cultural teen pop group known as NMD or No More Drama. The group consisted of Ariel Moore, Alissa Mae Padilla, Aliyah Flowers, Kimberly Rose, and Camille Abordo.


New Line Up

In late 2010, Alissa Mae and Camille left NMD to peruse solo careers. Not long after the remaining girls held auditions to replace the girls. With that said, the group received two new members, Breanne Oaks and Lorelei Sinco.

Final Line Up

In the beginning of January 2011 Aliyah left NMD due to the new group dynamics changing with age and direction of music. Not long after, the remaining girls held auditions to replace her.

The End of NMD

On March 31, 2011 Ariel confirmed via Twitter that NMD's recording contract was up and they were not going to renew it. The very next day Ariel announced that she was going back to her solo career. Also Lorelei, Breanne, and Kimi announced that they were going to stick together and form a new group.

Doll Face

After the disband of NMD, the remaining girls formed a new group by the name of Doll Face. The group consists of Kimberly Rose, Lorelei Sinco, Helene Britany, and sisters Breanne & Brittany Oaks. The group has released a cover of "I Can't Wait" featuring Shorty Mack. They also released two original songs "Red Cherry Corvette" and "Young and Beautiful." 

The Dolls

In early April 2012 Doll Face changed their names to The Dolls. With the departure of Lorelei, the group replaced her. The group now consists of Kimberly Rose, Helene Britany, sisters Breanne & Brittany Oaks, and new member Vanessa Hernandez. The group has not released any songs yet.

Meet Alissa Mae

Alissa♥Mae, recording artist, is a young talented singer/songwriter, dancer, model, actress, and skilled martial artist (junior instructor-Black Belt Leadership Team).

She is currently the youngest member of the girl group "No More Drama (NMD) which is managed by Howie Dorough of the BackStreet Boys (3 Street Management).

Since the young age of three Alissa♥Mae has been singing Classical, Broadway, Pop and R&B music and taught by her long-time amazing vocal coach Leota Penney of 11 years who has taught many child celebrities throughout Southern CA. Alissa♥Mae has also been coached by Stephanie Spruill, an elite vocal coach who has taught and performed with award-winning/A-List Celebrities such as Mariah Carey. Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin –just to name a few and Nick Cooper. Alissa♥Mae has performed at numerous venues throughout the US such as Southern CA, Times Square(NY), Vegas, and VA. She co-wrote and recorded her first song at the age of 11 called "Crushin" followed by debut songs: the Hot single "Bootz" which was released in spring 2008; followed by her inspirational song, "Dreams". Her song and music video "LA Girl" premiered in Summer 2008. Her latest hit . I Just Wanna Dance" was released in Summer of 2009. She has worked with A-List producers such as Gregg Pagani, Andrew Lane (Disney's HSM), Rob A (Rhianna's Distubria and Chris Brown's Forever), Eddie Galan, MDL Productions, and Jackie Boyz (Baby G Music); She is also pre-launching her international magazine mid-late 2011.

Alissa♥Mae's talents extend beyond her singing. She has been dancing since she was 4 yours old (ballet, tap, dance and hip hop) and has performed in many dance competitions (jazz and hip-hop). She has also performed with groups such as the Elite LA Hip Kids; and has been trained by Christopher Michael Jones ("You Got Served") Shane Sparks ("So You Think You Can Dance" and "America's Next Best Dance Crew"), Madonna Grimes, Keesha Olander, and Brandon/Djuan (No Way Out).Alissa♥Mae has appeared and featured in numerous national commercials, film and music videos including Old Navy, JC Penney's and Disney.

Alissa♥Mae also spends her time helping raise funds at many charitable events such as Jog-A-Thon, Celebrating Black Youth, Stomp Da Violence and Philippine cultural events (raise funds for buildings and youth scholarships)and was also featured in a short film, SNAX, which was rolled-out to LAUSD raising awareness relating to nutrition and exercise.

Influences: Leota Penney, Stephanie Spruill, Mariah Carey, Cristina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keyes, Aretha Franklin, Leona Lewis, Fergie, Mom, Dad, Rhianna
Meet Aliyah
 Aliyah Flowers was born January 27, 1996, in Chicago Illinois. She was born to be a star, having a very strong fashion sense at the early age of 3, Aliyah would convince her mother each morning before pre-school why she had to wear a pretty dress and shoes. She was so persistent that she would get up in the middle of the night and dress herself, she then would be found asleep across the bed in the morning fully accessorized from head to toe. Her parents not knowing at the time, but Aliyah was preparing herself to win 2 titles in the “Pretty Little Princess Pageant” in 2001. As a toddler she performed wherever there was an audience. Aliyah took a special liking to the ”Temptations” movie. She quickly learned the songs, dance moves and all of the Temptations lines. She made her mother sing back up and would tell her father his lines to say.. She was so entertaining to some family members that they would request her to perform certain songs like “I’ve Got Sunshine and Sugar Pie Honey Bunch”. Aliyah has always maintained an honor roll status in school, while attending the Chicago Choir Academy in the 4th grade, she auditioned an was chosen for the lead in an opera “Stone Soup” written by (Philip Seward of the Lyric Opera of Chicago). (Mr. Seward) loved her performance so much that she was asked to record the soundtrack for WTTW network radio. Aliyah has performed with the Chicago Jr. Luva Bulls, won talent competitions throughout Chicago, and was chosen to sing the National Anthem at the Matteson IL Summer Festival for 2006 & 2007. In February 2007, Aliyah was cast in “The American Girl Revue” for the role of Keisha/Addy, a slave who escapes to freedom. While celebrating this accomplishment she received another offer from the hit Broadway play Oprah Winfrey Presents The Color Purple National Tour, to play the swing/understudy for young Celie, young Nettie, young Harpo, Mister’s daughter, young Henrietta, young Olivia and young Adam. Aliyah feels very fortunate to have worked with the Orchid cast from American Girl Revue and was very excited about the opportunity to have performed with The Color Purple National Tour and work with American Idol winner, (Fantasia Barrino) and (Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child). Shortly after finishing up with the tour Aliyah took up residence in Burbank CA, where she continued to pursue her dreams, by booking a Wii Cheer commercial as well as Disney’s T180 webisode. Aliyah then took part in a 500 girl world wide audition in which she was chosen as 1 of 5 girls to be a part of a multi-cultural Group managed by Howie Durough of the Backstreet Boys. While in the group she performed at many different venues across Los Angeles, opening for J Holiday at the Key Club in Hollywood, Performing for Race for the Cure at Los Angeles Dodger Stadium, and Grad Night at Six Flags just to name a few. After a year and a half of being in the group Aliyah and her parents decided it would be in her best interest to pursue her solo music/acting career, as the group was moving in a different direction. Aliyah is poised and very excited about the Many opportunities that await her and she looks forward to starting the next chapter in her life and having a very successful career in the entertainment industry.
  Meet Camille
Camille Abordo first appeared on the TV show "American Juniors" when she was just 9. At 13 she wrote the song "Bye Bye" and later co wrote her other songs. At 13 Camille appeared on "Showtime at the Apollo" as the Kid Star of Tomorrow. She is a former member of the girl group NMD (No More Drama) but decided to pursue other projects as a solo artist.

As of January 2016, Camille has stated that she is in the studio working on new music via her Instagram. She is currently working on her new album and live show Sounds From Outer Space.
  Meet Helene
Helene Britany is a dancer, singer, and actress from a small town called Galloway, NJ. She relocated to California to pursue her dream of becoming a performer. She has studied dance since the age of 3, starting with ballet, and continuing with jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and her favorite, hip-hop. She also has a strong background in musical theatre, cheerleading, sports, and has been studying voice since the age of 8. She performed the Naional Anthem at many professional sporting events throughout New Jersey, as well as singing in parades, shows and clubs in the Tri-State area.She continues to study, taking classes with some of the top choreographers in LA . Her favorite quotation is from Jimmy Johnson who says "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra".
Fun Facts:
Most people call me "The Energizer"
Smiling & laughing are what i do best,
Making people laugh is something i love to do
Popsicles, strawberries, & iced tea are my three favorite things & being happy everyday is how i choose to live :)